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A-Line's mission is to provide contractors, engineering firms, and owner/operators with up-front engagement practices and education to reduce issues throughout the design, construction, or maintenance of buried or submerged metallic structures and their cathodic protection systems.

Contractors are often beholden to outdated & problematic specifications regarding cathodic protection on large pipeline or tank projects. A-Line is committed to up-front engagement reviewing specifications and designs to ensure results will be in line with the owner/operator & general contractors' expectations.

A-Line is committed to closing the gap between theory and experience for fellow design/engineering firms. Through consultation, design, and guidance consisting of material, environmental, and configuration analysis - A-Line assists engineering firms ensure that the submerged/buried structures remain protectable from the initial design concept to final construction.

A-Line is committed to providing owner & operators with realistic and practical solutions based on 20 years of field experience.

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